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Antonio Rodrigues, Jr.


Duration: I’ve been working on self-initiated projects since late 2011, and started freelancing in January, 2013.

Staff: Just me.

Education: I graduated from the University of Brasilia, visual arts in 2006, and while I lived in London, I took part in some graphic design and illustration workshops. Currently, I am working on my master’s degree in business administration.

Cultural Influences: My work is influenced by fine arts, but music and architecture are my greatest sources of inspiration. Both have rhythm and structure, and both can tell a story while at the same time leaving something to your imagination. In addition to those, my sphere of interests includes movies, photography, advertising, computing and also anthropology, history, literature, psychology and sociology.

Environment: I’ve turned one of the rooms of my flat into an office and this mainly where I work. It is good to be always around my books, magazines, music and craft material. It also makes my meetings with clients—whether in person or via Skype—an intimate and less bureaucratic experience.

Philosophy: Live, love, laugh, learn. Life is not short, but it happens pretty fast.