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Artem Nazarov


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Duration: Professionally for three years, but I began practicing at the age of ten, thanks to my father. His experience and expertise in photography ignited my fire.

Staff: Myself, assistants, and those in my network. I’m thankful for the strong relationships I’ve developed with a talented network of designers and writers producing exceptional work.

Education: I studied law at Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, where I specialized in intellectual property law. I continued my education at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, where I concentrated in photography.

Cultural influences: The stories of people I meet on assignment in all parts of the world, great photojournalism, documentaries and books. Anton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Hunter S. Thompson.

Environment: Most recently, ethnic minority villages in China and nomad yurts in Mongolia.

Philosophy: Photography is an amazing way to explore the world we live in and enrich one’s life beyond the threshold of our perceived reality. I love my craft and feel grateful to wake up to a new experience every morning.