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Becca Clason


Location: Los Angeles, California

Duration: I’ve been designing professionally for over six years, but I started learning/teaching myself lettering two years ago.

Education: I graduated from Brigham Young University, majoring in communications with an advertising creative emphasis and minoring in graphic design.

Cultural Influences: French advertising posters by Toulouse-Lautrec, Chéret, Grün, etc., emblems and badges on vintage cars and motorcycles, packaging labels on old tins and bottles and all the hand-painted signs out there in the world. I also admire the work of many current graphic designers and letterers—doing so inspires me to keep working hard to improve.

Environment: I freelance from home. There is a desk in a spare room, but unless I’m using my light table, I’m rarely sitting at it. For some reason I always end up at the kitchen table or sitting on the living room rug and using the coffee table as a desk.

Philosophies: (1) Create something of beauty and hopefulness. (2) Lifelong learning. (3) Always be yourself. (4) Live simply; be happy.