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Bella Howard


Location: London, United Kingdom.

Education: When I was eighteen, I took a three-month photo course in Paris to learn how to use a darkroom and an SLR camera. Everything was shot with black-and-white film, and Paris was such a beautiful, inspiring place to learn.

Artistic influences: I’m a huge fan of Corinne Day's work. She really captured a period in time that transcends fashion photography, and personalities were the main focus of her images. I’m also obsessed with Juergen Teller. I actually had to shoot him once, and I was super nervous, but he immediately put me at ease—a huge skill to have as a photographer. I also love Davide Sorrenti, who, like Corinne Day, is deceased. He was an understated genius. His work is so moving and beautiful.

Big break: Shooting for i-D Magazine at age nineteen and getting a six-page photo spread in the front of the book. I used a mix of media: video stills, Polaroids and 35mm. One of the models, my friend Alice Dellal, also made it big—she's now a supermodel for the likes of H&M and Chanel.

Environment: Anywhere, anyplace, anytime, preferably with music playing.

Philosophy: Stay true to yourself, don’t change for anyone or anything... Stick to your guns.