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Ben Johnston


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Duration: Illustration and design for about five years and lettering for two.

Staff: I generally work alone, but I like to collaborate whenever I get the chance.

Education: Self-taught and still learning with each new project.

Technique: I find the best way to get started on a project is to put pen to paper straight away. A clear direction begins to surface once I start sketching and playing around with ideas. My sketches are normally fairly rough. I find it best not to waste too much time on the initial sketching, as my design develops and changes a lot once I scan the sketch and play around with it in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Influences: Any artists doing something a little different from the norm. I have a great appreciation for anything well-crafted, whether it is in illustration, fashion, painting or even product design. I try not to pigeon-hole myself too much, as I’m interested in most areas of design.

Big break: I’ve yet to have a “big break.” I’ve just been consistently working hard and doing exhibitions.

Environment: I work from a shared studio with other designers, animators and developers. I also end up working a lot at home at night, where there are no distractions.

Philosophy: Work hard and it will work out.