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Brezinka Design Co.

Design firm

Duration: I am entering my second year as a solo illustrator and designer. Prior to that, I was an art director at a local design house for two years. And before that, I was a designer...

Staff: Myself and my soon-to-be intern.

Education: I'm a self-taught illustrator, with a minor in design.

Cultural Influences: Music, I love music! Natural textures and fibers. Old buildings, tree bark, rusty nails, vintage magazines and papers–really anything vintage. My newfound love of illustration has been heavily influenced by greats such as Romare Bearden, David Stone Martin and Saul Bass, along with contemporary illustrators like Nate Williams, Edel Rodriguez and Penelope Dullaghan.

Environment: Like me, it's a wonderful mess. I am constantly cutting scraps of paper, gluing them down on some sort of collage. There are glue and paint bottles, tape rolls, sketchbooks, brushes and lots of old stuff lying around. There is always music or some sort of podcast streaming in the background.

Philosophy: Don't be afraid to commit! Don't be afraid to glue it down, cut it, or use a wide brush with lot's of paint. Befriend your fear. Passion creates better work than over-thinking ever will.