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Camp + King

Young agency Camp + King makes each brand and product conversation-worthy.

Camp King

Location: San Francisco, California.

Duration: Since 2011.

Key creatives: Chief creative officer and co-founder Roger Camp, creative/art director Rikesh Lal, creative director/copywriter Paul Sincoff and associate creative/art director Justin Hargraves.

Influences: Camp’s childhood hero, all-around badass Evel Knievel, was the ultimate showman. He was his own brand—tough, rebellious and a bit crazy, and he took risks that would never happen in this day. Camp also admires Cirque du Solieil—its inspired way of making a business from art, and how its creators constantly adapt and grow. And then there’s Chuck Palahniuk, whose warped characters and unexpected storytelling just draw you in.

Work environment: Nestled in San Francisco’s Presidio, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and surrounded by hiking and wildlife trails, our office is an easy place to be inspired. Fresh juice every Wednesday, office bikes for employees to take out, on-site meditation workshops, art classes, a treadmill workstation and a refrigerator filled with free healthy snacks.

Proudest moment: We’re quite proud of our latest work for YouTube. It basically started as a B-to-B film that has now been viewed over 23 million times. It tells a story about an amazing headphone business that used YouTube to grow its business and give back in a meaningful way.

Philosophy: Make each brand or product conversation-worthy. It’s something we bake into the briefs we develop as well as being one of the measurements of the finished work.

Aspirations: To create a place where people like to come to work. Because if we can create that place, it means we’re actually doing a lot of other things right. It means the work is smart and interesting. It means we’ve created a fun culture. It means we’re attracting interesting brands and opportunities. It means we’re constantly creating more and more “things,” and at the end of the day, that’s what any creative wants.


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