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Cardon Webb


Location: New Mexico-born, Idaho-raised and New York City-based.

Duration: I started receiving my first real client work in 2008 as a junior in college.

Staff: Primarily myself, though my wife Kelly Sue (also a designer) often joins forces with me on projects.

Education: I studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and recently completed a graduate degree in typeface design at Cooper Union.

Influences: I grew up skateboarding, playing in bands and writing on walls. I would like to think these influences are subtly apparent in my work. I love anything midcentury—art, architecture, furniture, products and advertising, and I draw a lot of inspiration from contemporary and lowbrow art. Artistically, I admire George Salter, John Gall, Michael Sherman, Dick Bruna, Niklaus Troxler and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk.

Big break: My thesis project, Cardon Copy, was a visual exploration of self-distributed street flyers and tear-offs. This project was honored with a solo exhibition at the Type Directors Club in New York City and ultimately lead to my first two full-time jobs.

Environment: I need lots of sunlight, a magic mouse and something to listen to.

Technique: My process almost always starts with pencil and paper; only after I have roughly drawn it out can I move on to creating it digitally.

Philosophy: Don’t be regular.