Chad Roberts Design Fresh

Chad Roberts Design

Canadian design firm Chad Roberts Design finds a niche in the culinary arts.

Duration: Three years.

Staff: We are Chad Roberts, Ian Fotheringham, Matt Webb and Adam Damiani, plus two Boston Terriers, Henry and William.

Education: School of Visual Arts (Chad), Ontario College of Art & Design University (Ian and Adam), Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University (Matt).

Cultural Influences: Any and everything to do with food and the culinary arts. Lately, the studio has been focused on clients who share a historical European precedent filtered through a contemporary Canadian perspective.

Artistic Influences: Fashion and textile design has always been a huge influence on our work. We find inspiration in all kinds of makers, craftsmen and artisans who keep traditional trade skills alive.

Environment: Our studio is a small, brightly lit, 430-square-foot loft that acts as our portfolio. When clients visit, we surround them with our work, inspirations and reference materials. Clients feel inspired in our space; it creates collaboration by eliciting conversation.

Philosophy: Take pride in the work you create and work with people you respect.


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