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Christian Kozowyk


Duration: I have been shooting on my own for over three years. Prior to that I have assisted some of the most amazing photographers on the planet.

Staff: I have a great team I work with on a regular basis. I also rely on my awesome agent Candace Gelman, who I teamed up with earlier this year, and my super star producer Lisa Wagenbach, who takes care of me. I am stoked to have had so many special people fall into my lap.

Education: I went to college and decided that I really liked people over math. In an effort to spend as much time as I could actually living life and sharing with people, I began taking pictures of my experiences. I am learning everyday and I hope it never stops.

Cultural Influences: I am influenced by everything! I love Americana, discarded things that people loved, tattoos, vintage bikes and guitars, bad music recordings, repurposed objects, barn fresh finds, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, pretty much anything that has a story and is a little rough around the edges.

Environment: Where I am is a good place (most of the time).

Philosophy: Be grateful for the opportunities I have and pay them forward.