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Christine Wisnieski


www.christinewisni ...

Duration: Since 2004.

Staff: By day, I work as art director at Twist Creative and by night can be found creating custom invitations, stationery systems and all other design.

Education: My design education includes a combined undergraduate and graduate degree (BSMA) in visual communications design from Kent State University.

Cultural Influences: I am inspired by everyday life and objects. I love to stroll markets, eat local, shop Etsy, collect cookbooks, enjoy a glass of wine (or two), travel with my husband, bake bread, read Martha Stewart, quote my father and embrace imperfection.

Environment: I live and work in a city that is filled with history, buzzing with energy and extremely passionate about its rebirth.

Philosophy: I believe we should laugh as much as possible, make as much as possible and be in-tune with those around us.