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Column Five

Design firm

Duration: The three cofounders—Josh Ritchie, Ross Crooks and Jason Lankow—have been working together since August 2007; Column Five was formed in January 2009.

Staff: We currently have 40 full-time employees. The team consists of project managers, designers, animators, developers/engineers, founders, operations and a PR team.

Education: The backgrounds of our team are varied, ranging from economic development to graphic design to dramaturgy.

Cultural Influences: Our team is very diverse. We have people in the office from Russia, UK, Indonesia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippines, France and even one quiet, brainy guy from Easter Island.

Environment: We work in a large, open warehouse space, but it’s surprisingly quiet in the main office as everyone is very busy. However, we consistently gather in unique combinations in order to cultivate original thinking and collaborate in innovative ways. Music, food and good beer are also important, and we frequently gather outside or in the kitchen to bond over someone’s leftovers or laser-cut C5 logo cupcakes.

Philosophy: Our mission is to create world class work with people we love. This includes our team and our clients as well, and we trust that by doing work that we are proud of, we will develop lasting creative partnerships with the companies who make it possible for us to do what we enjoy for a living. As we grow, we remain humble because we become more aware of ways we can improve, and know that we can never be complacent with any amount of success. We experiment frequently in order to identify new methods and show original thinking in our approach to design.