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David Aaron Troy


Duration: Four years professionally.

Staff: Me, help from a variety of great assistants and production sources. I also collaborate with my delightful rep Lesley Zahara. Lastly, we can't forget about "Lucy Fleabags," my dog, da’ boss.

Education: The street, life choices and many years assisting a bunch of old school National Geographic photographers.

Cultural Influences: I'm influenced on many different levels. Mostly though, it's from the people in this world, their environments, their stories. One great thing, among many, when working with the Geographic guys is that I got a free pass to many places in this world which really opened my eyes to the authenticity of our lives. We all have a significant role we play, together as one. So, although, there are many facets that influence me, I would have to say overall it's just everyday folk that inspire me!

Environment: When not traveling and snooping around for pictures, I maintain an office above a furniture store in an old warehouse, always scheming on where to go or what to do next.

Philosophy: Be true to your work, be nice to people—and always challenge yourself!