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David Prosser


Location: London, UK.

Duration: Directing since 2010.

Education: I graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2008 with a BA in illustration. I went on to further study an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2010.

Staff: I work with a variety of animators and technical artists in my role as a director and designer at Studio AKA. I also collaborate on projects with other former students from the Royal College of Art through the Moth Collective.

Cultural influences: Being in a city crammed with historical sediments simply drifting around is incredibly inspiring. I enjoy the spontaneity London brings out in me.

Artistic influences: I’m most drawn to work with bold simplicity that still manages to convey odd atmospheres and moods. David Hockney’s drawings have inspired me since I was young, and I'm still discovering works of his that I never knew existed!

First big break: Signing with Studio AKA has enabled me to pitch on a number of big jobs. Soon after joining, I directed and animated a short film for the New York Times Magazine to be used online.

Work environment: I like to be flanked by plants in a room full of splendidly cheery people. I love listening to radio and podcasts by Your Dreams My Nightmares, Design Matters and Radiolab.

Technique: Drawing, be that digital or analog.

Philosophy: Get lost once in a while.