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Emily Twomey


Duration: This is my fourth year down in Bournemouth doing illustration. I will be moving to London later next year to carry on my work there.
Staff: Me.
Education: I completed a Foundation Art Course in Taunton, Somerset, and then moved to University in Dorset. I graduated with a first class degree in BA (Honors) Illustration from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth.
Cultural Influences: I have always loved the darker side of children's tales, especially those from past eras. I love the illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley and Kay Nielsen and the humorous stories of Edward Gorey and Hilaire Belloc. I draw inspiration from my imagination and strange animals.
Environment: I work best with a cup of tea and music. I tend to spend most of my time drawing at my desk using pen and ink and then playing around with it on my computer. Generally I prefer to use old-school techniques rather than a wide range of computer programs. I live with three other artists, so it's a productive environment.
Philosophy: Make sure you always maintain some hint of your childhood—stay open minded, don't let reason hold you back and use your imagination.