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Eric Skillman


Duration: Designing professionally since 2002.

Staff: Days, I work in the three-person art department of The Criterion Collection. For freelance work, it's just me.
Education: BA in comp lit from NYU, but I learned much of what little I know about design interning with Stewart Cauley at POLLEN.

Cultural Influences: Since so much of my work is on DVDs, the films are huge influences. Graphically, I find myself inspired by pulp paperbacks and film noir; literary fiction book jackets, the recent crop of rock 'n' roll posters; designers like Reid Miles, Saul Bass, Art Chantry, Paul Sahre, Chip Kidd; and especially comics—artists like David Mazzucchelli, Danijel Zezelj, Eddie Campbell, Ted McKeever, Anders Nilsen, Frank Miller, Paul Pope, Kevin Huizenga, and so many more are a huge influence.

Environment: More often than not, the open art department space at the Criterion offices. It's nice to be able to zone into whatever I'm working on, then pull back out and have other creative types to bounce ideas off of when I need validation. For more arts & crafty projects, my kitchen table at home.

Philosophy: Art is about communicating your ideas, design is about communicating their ideas. If every now and again I can do both at the same time, I consider myself lucky.