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Erica Shires


Duration: Three years, but I have been photographing most of my life.
Staff: Just me, and the freelancers I hire to do specific jobs.
Education: BFA in media arts from Pratt Institute. My focus was on photography with a minor in art history.
Cultural Influences: Jimmy and Allen and roadtrippin' with them. Foreign travel, New York City, the art scene, coffee at Mud, the East Village, old children's books, Vladimir Nabokov, Michel Gondry and anything creepy.
Environment: I shoot on location, so that varies. When I am working at home, my office is a loft space on the fourth floor of a century-old brownstone. My desk is surrounded by flat files and stacks, stacks and more stacks of art/fashion magazines. There are photos and torn-out images for inspiration tacked up everywhere. I have a nice big computer monitor for Photoshop, a back door leading out to a fire escape with amazing views of Manhattan for morning coffee and the roof for sunset cocktails.
Philosophy: Have fun, keep experimenting and be forever thankful.