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Erika Larsen


www.erikalarsenpho ...

Duration: I started taking pictures for magazines in 2001 but it was really 2003, when I joined Redux Pictures, that I began to think in terms of long-term stories.

Staff: Me, various freelance assistants, my agency Redux.

Education: I have a BFA in photographic illustration (’97) and an MFA in computer graphics and animation (’99) from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Cultural Influences: People’s stories, the places they live, their spiritual beliefs, hardships and joys. I am particularly interested in people who are still connected to the earth and nature for their daily interactions. The light and dark that surrounds us and that which cannot be seen with the eyes.

Environment: Wherever the story I’m working on takes me.

Philosophy: I take everyday as a learning experience. Listen and watch with my whole being. Always wonder.