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Femke de Jong


www.femillustratio ...

Duration: I’ve been freelancing part-time since I graduated in 2008, and work at the University of the West of England as a Junior Fellow for the illustration course and a couple of work placements in design/publishing companies. Soon I'm hoping to go freelance full-time.

Staff: It's just me, but I sometimes collaborate with Bristol-based collective Hot Soup.

Education: BA (with honors) in illustration (Degree: 1st Class) from the University of the West of England.

Cultural Influences: As I'm originally from the Netherlands, I carry my cultural heritage with me. It sometimes fuels my work, and gives me a different twist on the subject.

Environment: I have a studio in my house at the moment, but I also work in a studio with three other illustrators.

Philosophy: Happiness, health and perseverance.