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Production company

Duration: Founded in 2005.

Staff: Sixteen directors, a team of 24 staff members, production affiliates from around the world, and a vast community of talented artists and craftspeople who collaborate with us to make stories and make meaning.

Life—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Cultural Influences: A piece of music. A film. A glimmer of light. A novel. A landscape. A child’s wonderment. Brilliant thinkers from the fields of sociology, anthropology, art and architecture. Sir Ken Robinson, author, speaker and advisor who reminds us that our greatest resource is human creativity. Dr. Bob Deutsch, cognitive anthropologist who speaks about ‘brand’ as a process of attachment. Blok Design, who gave birth to our new brand identity and continue to help us expand our aesthetic range, the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Titus Lucretcius, 2000 year old Roman poet, author of ‘On the Nature of Things’ who reminds us there’s always more than meets the eye.

Environment: Back in the 1800’s California was the promised land. The land of opportunity. The old California dream was wrapped around the idea of westward expansion. Today there’s a new spirit of individual expansionism—looking inward to connect outward. There’s a crazy, vibrant energy on the West Coast that’s infectious; being part of it is exhilarating. As Ernesto De la Loza, one of LA’s oldest mural painters said, “Los Angeles is a city of extremes, and that’s what draws all these different types of creative people here”. LA’s real culture won’t be found in the Hollywood Hills or the Walk of Fame. It’s behind all these walls, in empty warehouse spaces, auto salvage yards and Mariscos joints. Furlined is shaped by a deep sense of place and history. As the saying goes, “new ideas grow in old places”.

Make meaning. Make stuff you love. Make a cup of coffee. Make music. Make time to read. Make to do lists. Make what you are.