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Gilles & Cecilie


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Duration: Founded in 2006.

Staff: Gilles Jourdan (France) and Cecilie Barstad (Norway).

Education: Gilles and Cecilie both graduated from Central Saint Martins with bachelors degrees in graphic design. Cecilie also has a masters in business management.

Cultural Influences: The Parisian suburb and the Norwegian countryside meet metropolitan London.

Environment: Our studio is on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. It’s on the top floor so we’re blessed with a spacious tall ceiling, brick walls and windows at the front and rear, which gives us good natural light. The studio has three areas: the computer area, a library of books, samples and archive of works and another for drawing and making stuff by hand.

Philosophy: As designers we have the ability to have an impact on our environment. We have the aspiration to improve things. We love to be precise, to make things interesting, to make people see things differently. The possibility to make environments that are harmonious and comfortable to be in, environments to love in and environments to work within inspire us to create.