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Hollie Fernando


holliefernandophot ...

Location: I live in South London on the borders of Surrey. It’s the best of both worlds.

Duration: I bought my first film camera when I was 14. I took lots of photos of my siblings and insects in the garden before I gained interest in capturing strangers around me. I became serious about photography when I turned 16, six years ago.

Education: I took an amazing A-level class in darkroom photography at Reigate College and had the best tutors to support and inspire me. I have learned everything else I know about photography from my own mistakes.

Cultural influences: British, Mediterranean and Asian cultures.

Artistic influences: Photographers Luke Byrne, Ryan McGinley and Cody Cobb. I am also a big fan of Pina Bausch, Salvador Dali, The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Albert Camus and John Berger. Each influences my work in their own way.

First big break: I’m not sure I’ve had a big one, maybe it’s in the mail.

Work environment: Either my cocoon of a room where I edit, research and plan projects or out in the wild, shooting.

Technique: I aim to capture honest feelings with naturally beautiful and interesting people, using 35mm and a few secret tweaks.

Philosophy: Only be in competition with yourself.