Hoodzpah Art + Graphics Fresh

Hoodzpah Art + Graphics

Twin sisters Jennifer and Amy Hood run their studio Hoodzpah Art + Graphics on California's beaches.


Duration: Since 2011.

Staff: Twin sisters Jennifer and Amy Hood.

Education: A pinch of community college, an internship each and tutelage from amazing people via on-the-job experience. We were lucky enough to learn the old-fashioned, apprenticeship way.

Cultural Influences: From counter-culture to pop culture to our own California culture, we relish it all. We draw inspiration from amazing music, motorcycle/chopper culture, the dive bar pool hall down the street, the golden eras of the '50s, '60s and '70s, sports, film, fashion, art and history. We believe that freedom, beauty, truth and love can be found in unexpected places and people. You could call us modern day bohemians.

Environment: We work from our home on the Balboa Peninsula, blocks from the beach and bay. Our world is populated by surfers, beach bums, crusty fishermen, modern-day vampires, rooted locals and transplanted tourist kooks. Manifest Destiny is still alive and bringing the world to our front door in Newport Beach.

Philosophy: Shine on.



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