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Hucklebuck Design Studio

Design firm

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Duration: Five years.

Staff: Me (Andy Hayes), along with two interns and a new business development lead.

Education: BFA in 2001 from the Columbus College of Art and Design and an MFA in progress at Academy of Art University in San Francisco by way of the World Wide Web.

Cultural Influences: Farm graphics, Big Wheels, hot rods, old labels, found typography, Art Chantry, antique craftsmanship, Paul Klee, Jasper Johns, thrift-store coffee mugs, obscure and odd vinyl, Paul Rand, Steve Earle, Tim Easton, Saul Bass, Woodgrain, The Library of Congress, Hatch Show Print, surf culture, coffee, retail environments and experiences, Small Town USA, Charles S. Anderson.

Environment: Hucklebuck is nestled warmly in the bosom of the Midwest, always surrounded by music, texture, historical and found typography and a good, fresh cup of coffee.

Philosophy: Our mantra is “BE MORE”; it refers to the desire that we have to see all of our clients go beyond what’s expected. We challenge ourselves as well as our clients to BE MORE: MORE willing, MORE daring, MORE interesting. Just BE MORE.