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Jen Lobo


Duration: I have been making art professionally since 2007.

Staff: There's just me.

BFA in illustration from Otis College of Art and Design.

Cultural Influences:
The bulk of my inspiration comes from my book collection. My shelves are overflowing with textbooks on botany, bird anatomy, livestock breeds, insect identification, horse care manuals... I also have an ever-expanding hoard of children's books. From a family heirloom copy of Never Tease a Weasel to tons of old Golden Books to the Puffins Classics Series.

Environment: Right now I'm working out of a little studio space in my home. We've had to be nomadic the last several years for my husband's job, so I've learned to roll with the punches and work where I can. At times, I've had to work at a kitchen table, in a nook of my bedroom... I consider myself lucky to have any solid surface that I can call my own, no matter how small.

I live somewhere in between "Good enough isn't good enough" and "The best is the enemy of good."