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Jensine Eckwall


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Duration: My first illustration was published in December 2012, and I just finished school this spring.

Education: I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in illustration in 2013.

Cultural Influences: Moving often as a child caused me to turn inward and become very analytical, so psychology and emotion are very important in my work. I grew up with lots of access to the outdoors, mostly in the northeastern United States, while not fully taking advantage of it. Thus, I tend to romanticize nature.

Environment: My apartment near Prospect Park with my two roommates, one of whom is also an illustrator. I love the city, probably because it isn’t difficult for me to visit my parent’s home for a break. I want to get a space just for my work soon.

Philosophy: “Make art that you are embarrassed about.” My former professor Joo Chung says this, in so many words.