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Jeremy Perez-Cruz


Duration: I've been in Brooklyn roughly six months. I relocated from Orlando to work at Etsy. I've been designing for the better part of ten years, with the latter half being mostly interactive.

Staff: At Etsy, we have almost 300 people with a design team of around 7.

Education: Associates in graphic design from Valencia.

Cultural Influences: Lots and lots of music. I used to be a career musician before becoming a professional designer. If it weren't for being in bands, I wouldn't have had the need to start designing things. I would make our CD covers, T-shirts and posters because I didn't know anyone else who did it. Also, my father, he was a commercial artist and instilled the basics of art and design in me at a very early age.

Environment: Etsy has one of the most amazing offices. Our desks are handmade in Brooklyn and the office is decorated with items from our marketplace. Everyone who works here is insanely talented. We even have Eatsy—lunches catered by local chefs using organic, local, sustainable ingredients.

Philosophy: Take risks, work fast, make mistakes.