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Jessica Svendsen


Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Duration:I have been working for Michael Bierut as a designer at Pentagram for the past year.

Education: I received my BA in English Literature from Yale University in 2009 and an MFA in graphic design from the Yale School of Art in 2013.

Influences: I am more influenced by fields outside graphic design, including architecture, film, literature and photography.

Big break: My sophomore AP History test score.

Work environment: Primarily at Pentagram or in my apartment. But if I need to focus, I work in a neighborhood coffee shop.

Technique: I deliberately try to work off the computer. I prefer using at least one analog device in my process because it requires that I work in physical space and with physical objects. I like the idea of creating defamiliarizing work that’s impossible to replicate, and when I work with the constraints of analog formats, I often find unintended, unique results.

Philosophy: Make it new.