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Jillian Frey


Duration: About seven years.

Staff: Currently I'm a senior designer and art director for FAME Retail. I can often be found, during my free time, in my home office designing and illustrating anything that makes me smile just thinking about it.

Education: I graduated from the graphic design program at Miami University (OH) with a BFA in fine arts.

Cultural Influences: I'm inspired by the brilliant creative people around me everyday, all things vintage and aged to perfection, which includes all of the places one goes to find such treasures: flea markets, antique fairs and old book stores. I am energized by my friends and family. I enjoy spending time with my husband and seeking life's adventures together, whether here in Minneapolis or when traveling abroad.

Environment: I have the privilege of working in a bright and beautiful office overlooking the Mississippi River with a view towards northeast Minneapolis.

Philosophy:Make your dream world a reality.