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John Haynes


Location: I’m based in Minneapolis, but I shoot all over the world.

Duration: About two years.

Staff: Me and a bunch of super-rad freelancers.

Education: Eight years of photo assisting.

Cultural influences: I am influenced by the people I meet, the city bus, bike rides, reading, traveling, watching movies and the weather.

Artistic influences: Peter Hapak, Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber, Nadav Kander, Irving Penn, Ryan Schude, Dan Busta, Jake Stangel, Bobby Doherty, Pieter Hugo, Christopher Wilson and many others.

Big break: Every project is a great opportunity, and things keep getting better as more creatives discover my work.

Work environment: Anywhere my assignments and personal projects take me, including Central American rivers, farm fields, office parks, loading docks, open roads, breweries, ice cold lakes, snow storms and French avenues.

Technique: I am relentless from start to finish with planning, production, lighting, shooting and editing.

Philosophy: I am interested in what people, places and things mean to us. Many subjects are not all that interesting on their own, until someone assigns worth to it. I am interested in communicating that worth.