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Jonas Jungblut


Duration: I started being serious about photography in my late teens. I mainly assisted other photographers until going into business for myself in 2012.

Education: German Abitur and a BA from Brooks Institute.

Cultural Influences: I grew up in Berlin in the ’80s and ’90s and then, influenced by Beat Generation writers and the board sport scene, moved to California. I am now balancing the German and the Californian in me.

Artistic Influences: A show I saw in Berlin featuring the Young British Artists really left a mark on me. I like what JR is doing, and Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth. I feel like it is getting harder to point to a few individuals these days, there is so much out there. My four-year-old is teaching me quite a bit about letting go of perceived restraints.

Work Environment: I have a home office and outdoor studio for my sculptural work. I mostly travel for photography.

Philosophy: I am a strong believer in the still image. A photograph not only allows the viewer to dive into thought, it demands it. Viewing a still image is an exercise for the mind and a skilled photographer can compose an image that will create a starting point for a different story in every viewer. A great photograph is like the cover to a book, only the content is dynamic.