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Jonathan Zizzo


Duration: Since 2004.

Staff: I usually work alone and hire assistants for hair and make-up as needed. Finding the right rep would be great though.

Education: Kilgore Junior College. I studied every art class from sculpture to Web design. I feel so grateful for the education that I received. My photography instructor, Rufus Lovett, is a Texas Monthly contributor. He is a great mentor with a wonderful sense of humor, who made the learning experience so valuable.

Cultural influences: I grew up riding BMX bikes and that lifestyle had a huge impact on my personal development. It taught me self-discipline and how to mentally overcome my fears. It was a companion and an outlet for self-expression—pure freedom. It requires a lot of mental visualization/practice to develop skill. I apply simple life experiences such as riding a bike to my business in photography.

Environment: I usually work on location. I sometimes rent a studio for a project, but a lot of the work that I do is on location.

Philosophy: Whatever you're looking for, it's looking for you too.