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Jordan Bruner


Location: Brooklyn, New York.

Education: In 2006, I earned a BFA in communication arts and kinetic imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Influences: Highbrow and lowbrow films, television series and performances, listening to sweet jams, traveling around, doodling, reading philosophy and children’s books. Some of my artistic influences are, in no particular order, Yuri Norstein, Martha Colburn, Edgar Oliver, Hauschka, Nelly Kate, Pina Bausch, Henrik Drescher, my mom, Julie Heffernan, Tina Fey, Monty Python, William Kentridge, Richard Brautigan and Fellini.

Big Break: Working as an animator on the film Waiting for Superman. Sean Donnelly, the film’s animation director, has been a great mentor to me ever since.

Environment: I have a studio in my home and I often work out of Passion Pictures in New York City.

Technique: I use a combination of traditional and digital to create stop-motion and 2-D animated films, illustrations, collages and paintings.

Philosophy: I like to create work that has a textured, visceral feel.