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Justin Renteria


Duration: Two years.

Staff: Just me.

Education: BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Cultural Influences: Comics, cartoons, old children's books, advertising, printmaking, propaganda posters, rock posters, rock music, Picasso and other illustrators much better than myself.

Environment: I spend half the time at my drawing desk in my bedroom, the other half at my computer in my office.

Philosophy: Murray Tinkelman once visited my school to give a lecture on bad illustration. He brought with him a collection of slides: the worst illustrations he could find, from various publications. I don't know whether the illustrators weren't being paid very much and figured extra effort wasn't worth it, or that the publications were local, and the illustrator figured the piece wouldn't be seen by many people. Whatever the reason, they are now being used as examples of what not to do. Moral of the story: I do my very best on every illustration, no matter how little pay or exposure the job gets me. I never know whether Murray Tinkelman might come across it.