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Kate Quinby


Duration: I've been in Seattle for over ten years, and working under the company name Croak and Hum for almost three. I am moving to Rhode Island in September, but I will be traveling back and forth often.
Staff: By night I work on my own as Croak and Hum. By day, I'm part of a much larger group at Starbucks Global Creative, which is home to about 30 other designers.
Education: BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, currently pursuing a MFA.
Cultural Influences: Pop! and science. I'm completely addicted to pop music and celebrity gossip blogs. I also really love the imagery of science. I don't always understand what it means, but I am a total sucker for a cross-section.
Environment: For the past two years, it's been a super messy cube at Starbucks. I have piles of unmarked CDs held up by mounds of random books. The row next to me is home to the studio turntables, so it's usually pretty loud. The place where I work is really about the people; they are fun, kind and incredibly talented--and sometimes they dance on their desks.
Philosophy: Don't get caught. I feel as though I've tricked the universe into letting me draw pictures for a living, and I didn't have to make any secret deals or sell my soul. I'm really lucky! I'm hoping that if I keep busy and work hard, no one will notice that I'm actually doing what I wanted to do as a child.