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Kyle Araujo


Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Duration: I first developed interest in professional photography in 2005 while working as a technical consultant for the Eastman Kodak Company.

Staff: Myself, makeup artists, stylists and assistants.

Education: I studied graphic design and information technology, but later branched into art and photography through Kodak's internal educational program.

Influences: Guy Bourdin, Steven Klein, David LaChapelle have influenced me a lot as an artist.

Big Break: I was featured as a Selected Creative in One Small Seed magazine's international competition, which created massive exposure.

Technique: I want my pictures to radiate with a bright and colourful vitality. I use Corel Paintshop Pro to achieve kaleidoscopic effects with super-exaggerated manipulation, artificial scenery, and vintage coloring.

Philosophy: By taking photographs you are telling someone's story. That's always the fun part; building a message behind the photograph is what makes it more than just a photograph.