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Kyle Jackson


Location: Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY.

Duration: One year.

Education: Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

Cultural influences: I grew up with pop culture and was particularly fascinated with music videos, advertisements and MTV. Icons such as David LaChapelle, John Waters, Kenneth Anger, Diane Arbus, Pierre et Gilles and Georges Méliès have paved the way—I wouldn't be in the same place in my life without their influence. I aspire to have that sort of lasting effect on others.

Artistic influences: Along with pop art, I credit my visual aesthetic to Renaissance and Baroque art. Legends like Jan van Eyck, Rembrandt and Michelangelo were the masters of their time, and their work constantly influences the lighting, skin tones and compositions in my imagery.

Big break: Inclusion in the Photo District News Photo Annual 2013.

Technique: Romanticized portraiture meets captivating narratives. Stories are what inspire me. I also cross over to film and have finished some short films and music videos. Whether the artistic medium is photography, film or even audio, I want people to remember me by my narratives.

Philosophy: Art isn’t a competition.