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Might & Main

Design firm

Location: Portland, Maine

Duration: Going on four years.

Staff: Right now, we are five in-house: two partners who share the duties of creative directors/designers/trash-taker-outers, a senior designer, a production manager and a design intern. We’re also lucky to have a strong network of writers, photographers and makers of things to support us on individual projects.

Education: One of our partners, our senior designer and our current intern are all products of Maine College of Art. Our production manager actually has a degree in post-colonialism. But our various pedigrees have less to do with our work and success than does the fact that we are actively pushing ourselves and each other to do new and better work, all of the time.

Influences: We intentionally seek inspiration from new sources for each client and project. But there are always elements of refined typography and bold, simple shapes born of an ongoing obsession with vintage packaging and signage. And our location in a historic city on the Maine coast lends an air of understatement, careful craft and New England practicality to all of our work.

Environment: Brick and wood, surrounded by a close-knit community and fortified by salty air, good coffee and great cocktails.

Philosophy: Hard work, in-depth research, dedication to detail, material honesty and lots of intuition.