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Design firm

Duration: Three years.
Staff: Mogollon is a collective of three: (above, from left) Monica Brand, Kimberly Scola and Francisco Lopez. Education: Our educational backgrounds are in film, printmaking, art history and literature. Francisco attended The School of the Museum of Fine Art and Monica attended Massachusetts College of Art, both in Boston. Kimberly got her bachelor's degree from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and her master's from The City College of New York.
Cultural Influences: French New Wave, classic Hollywood, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the new German cinema, Neo Rausch, Arnulf Rainer, M/M (Paris), Japanese printmaking, children's books, punk, fashion magazines, Jean-Luc Godard, Sergei Parajanov, Luis Bunuel, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Agnes Varda, Francois Ozon, Alains Resnais, Jack Smith, Kenneth Anger, Derek Jarman, Caravaggio, comics, Allen Jones, Byzantine art, iconic art, grandma's little craft work, heraldry, old movie posters, Pop Art, the street. Inspiration is everywhere—we keep our eyes open.
Environment: Our studio is located in a loft off Greenpoint's up-and-coming Franklin Street. We start the day in our sunny kitchenette with breakfast and espresso with lots of foamed milk. We keep the music playing--from opera to electronica—all day long, and the resident dogs, Coco and Lulu, run around our feet. We divide our work time between our computer screens, our gigantic drafting table and our extensive media library. At the close of the day, we often participate in "enrichment" activities together—watching movies, seeing live music performances, dancing, working on our own personal art and craft projects and/or getting into mischief.
Philosophy: We honor style over everything. Essential to Mogollon is the fusion of art, design and craft. Our passion lies in creating by hand and combining artistic mediums. We believe in doing what we love. We love doing what we believe in.