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Official Mfg Co

Design firm

Duration: Official Mfg Co was founded in 2009 by Fritz Mesenbrink and Jeremy Pelley.

Staff: Our core team is comprised of the two principals and Heather Gregory, our director of operations.

Education: Fritz has an undergraduate degree in Design, and Jeremy has an undergraduate degree in Anthropology. Jeremy also was in the experimental ad/design school housed in Wieden+Kennedy called WK12, year 2.

Cultural Influences: Our influences are wide in range, as Jeremy is from Texas and Fritz is from Washington. Jeremy grew up focused on skateboarding, playing music and making art, and Fritz grew up in a very small town, channelling his energy into being an arty smart jock. Today we pull from anything and everything—there are too many good stories around us to rule anything out.

Environment: Casual but professional.

Philosophy: Our mission says it all: We make thoughtful, considered things for people and projects that we can believe in." We are interested in doing good work, and having a good time doing it.