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Olimpia Zagnoli


Duration: I started working in 2007, but I’ve been considering myself a proper freelancer since 2009.

Staff: Myself.

Education: I graduated from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan in 2007, where I attended a three-year course of study in Illustration and animation.

Cultural Influences: I’m influenced by colors, shapes and light mostly. Italian design, French movies, Picasso’s drawings, psychedelic fabric, Art Deco architecture and glam rock. I always try to keep all of these references in mind and then translate them to paper with my own language.

Work Environment: I just moved to this old studio in Milan that belonged to a construction engineer, and I share it with three friends. When we first walked in, it looked stuck in the ’70s, with drawing tables everywhere, big Olivetti cabinets, wooden floors and a beautiful window that looks onto a courtyard garden with two big magnolias and an ancient wisteria. I live just a few blocks from here. Every morning I leave the house, stop for a coffee in a tiny coffee shop by my studio, then come here to work.

Philosophy: Be nice and make beautiful things.