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Olivia Bee


Duration: I have been taking photos since I was eleven (seven years ago) but I’ve been professional photographer since I was fifteen—three years ago.

Staff: Me.

Education: A high school diploma. Life.

Cultural Influences: The 1960s and ’70s, cyberpunks, Japanese animation, life photographers, Baroque painters.

Environment: I like to surround myself with places, people and things that inspire me and make me happy. Whether this refers to my roommates, my city or my walls, I make sure that how I live helps me grow as a person and as an artist.

Philosophy: I just love taking pictures. That’s the bottom line. I like capturing everything, and anything. Anything is beautiful, when looked at through the right lens. I strive to capture the ordinary, in an extraordinary way. Life is beautiful, perfect and cinematic, if you look at the right moments. It’s not always an accurate summary of life in general, but it is those specific moments that make it worth living anyway.