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Patrick Hruby


www.patrickdrawsth ...

Duration: Almost three years.

Just me.

I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BA in illustration design in the summer of 2010.

Cultural Influences: I draw influences from great mid-century artists and designers like Paul Rand, Alexander Girard, and Charlie Harper, but also sources like 8 bit Nintendo games and botanical gardens. I have always been obsessed with beauty and utopian ideas. I think this is why I am drawn to geometry.

I've just moved into an awesome studio in Eagle Rock. It is a shared space with some great people like Aaron Smith, and Brian Rea. The studio used to be a pharmacy in the 1920s and has beautiful brick walls. I try to keep my studio tidy, but it tends to go between extremely neat and messy.

Philosophy: My philosophy is pretty simple: Make beautiful things.