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TOGETHER: Words+Pictures for Art & Culture

Motion graphics

Duration: We formed TOGETHER in 2011 to produce original and commissioned animated content with a focus on non-commercial work.

Staff: Partners Pazit Cahlon (words) and Hector Herrera (pictures), plus Nick Sewell (art director, editor).

Influences: Cartoon modernism, silly verse in various languages, Western films, collage, children’s literature and picture books, theatre and the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s in design and fashion.

First big break: Having actor Gordon Pinsent narrate our first short.

Work environment: A little bit messy, a little bit neat. Music choices negotiated according to who needs to concentrate most. We are in the midst of moving to a new studio space, which will give us give us access to an editing suite and a little more room to play with stop motion elements and get our hands dirty with ink.

Technique: Coffee, production meeting, work. Notes, discussion, more work.

Philosophy: Pay attention to the story and how the images work with the text (typography or audio) to affect the viewer. Consistently doing your best, on time and within your budget, is more effective than striving for elusive perfection while running out of time and money.