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Randall Ford


Duration: Two years shooting, one year assisting. (I was a terrible assistant!)
Staff: Three—my rep Denise Stewart, my wife and my accountant Lauren Ford and myself. Plus a fantastic group of freelance producers, stylists and assistants.
Education: Most of my photography is self taught. I also have a business degree from Texas A&M University, which I believe has been critical to my success. Cultural Influences: Of course the great portrait/fashion shooters like Avedon and Penn, but I also draw a lot from classic painters. Norman Rockwell, Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir all had great styles and color palettes. They branded themselves by creating a beautiful style and color palette.
Environment: When in the studio, I'm swarmed by monitors, computers, printers and hard drives. My dog, Chopper, and cat, Harley, keep me sane and productive. When not in the studio, I love the constant change of scenery. Meeting new people and seeing new places keeps me refreshed.
Philosophy: Dr. Seuss said, "Good, better, best, never rest, until good be better and better be best." I like that. Exceptional work, style, customer service and great relationships are also vital.