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Raquel Aparicio


Duration: In 2006 I started to work as a professional illustrator.

Staff:My agent Chrystal, from Magnet Reps and me.

Education: I started my studies in Edinburgh (UK), and then went back to Spain to get my degree in illustration. I also attended the Illustration Academy in Florida.

Cultural Influences: Literature plays a huge part in my work. I love reading. I also feel I am influenced by Japanese block printing, Chinese watercolors and some Russian illustrators like Ivan Bilibin. And I really enjoy good comics.

Environment: I moved recently to a new city, and right now I'm working from my home studio. But I'm looking for a space to work, I like to share space and work surrounded by lots of noisy people (and if possible many cats); that's inspirational for me.

Philosophy: Seize the day, love your work.