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RoAndCo Studio

Design firm

Duration: I [Roanne Adams] opened my studio in September 2006.

Staff: At the moment there are six of us—two full-time designers, one design intern, one operations manager and a project management intern. All of them are awesome!

Education: I hold a BFA in communication design from Parsons School of Design NYC.

Cultural Influences: Paris, '90s skateboard graphics, Guy Bourdin, Suspiria, Lanvin, Black Sabbath, film noir, crystals, Weird Science, Purple Magazine, Brutalism—just to name a few.

Environment: RoAndCo shares its TriBeCa studio with Refinery29, the online fashion editorial site. It's a very laid-back and social environment. We all work really hard, but find time to laugh and talk throughout the day. It's the antithesis of corporate, which I love.

Philosophy: Different for different’s sake: Wrong. Uncommon ideas that are intuitive and exciting: Right. Old meets new. Masculine meets feminine. Capturing the balance = beauty.