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Ryan Heffernan


Duration: Been shooting professionally for five years.

Staff: Every job is different. There are times I wear all the hats, however having a solid team is also essential; I work with a great network of trusted producers, assistants, and other talented people in the industry.

Education: Graduated from Bates College in Maine majoring in Spanish and studio art, where I started to pursue photography. From there headed for the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in New Mexico and, shortly after that, assisted a number of talented shooters from Arthur Meyerson to Simon Pushmann—an invaluable experience. In retrospect, I realize my whole life was immersed in photography, courtesy of my father, Terry Heffernan, who is a great still-life shooter.

Cultural Influences: I’m most influenced by being outside. Time spent traveling and living abroad has played a big role as well; I love to wander and explore the world through a lens.

Environment: Wherever I’m lucky enough to be shooting. Photography has opened incredible doors to experiences I never imagined: whether it’s fly fishing for steelhead in British Columbia, running through alleyways of Jakarta with Muppets or wandering through the Mexican jungle in pursuit of pirates.

Philosophy: Create beautiful and interesting imagery that tells a deeper story and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.