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Sam Wolfe Connelly


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Duration: Fresh off the block.

Staff: Me, myself, and I.

Education: Savannah College of Art and Design and whatever I can pick up from people I meet.

Cultural Influences: Depressing music and sad photographs. Also my living environment, which tends to be a dimly-lit, four-walled closet space, plastered with black-and-white photocopies of dead animals. I don't think I've ever been inspired by something happy or positive. However, I feel like a big part of the creative process is taking terrible things and making them beautiful and inspiring. Good can almost always come from the bad.

Environment: My tiny apartment and anywhere my bike will take me.

Philosophy: If you really want to get anything in your life, you have to seize it with all your speed, strength and passion. I feel like nearly all talent can be taught, but the most elusive thing is drive. Wanting to get up everyday and confront mounds of criticism and self-doubt is exponentially harder than learning how to draw a foot or a hand. You have to create an environment that nurtures your own vigor to become what you want to be. Transplant yourself in a culturally rich atmosphere and your creativity and passion will blossom. And if you keep doing what you love and what you think is worthwhile, people will take notice of it; so never be afraid to trust your own judgment.