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Sara Rubinstein


Duration: I started out in 2002 shooting mostly sports and motorcycles. In 2007, I changed paths and developed my passion for photographing people and kids. I started shooting motion in 2009.

Staff: I work with an amazing team of freelance assistants, motion editors, digital artists, producers and stylists.

Education: I graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, with a degree in biology and a concentration in German. I took a brief job as a computer programmer after college, but quickly realized it was not the right fit. I was then fortunate to learn photography by assisting a handful of talented photographers here in Minneapolis.

Cultural Influences: I like old things: cameras, houses, people. I started playing violin at age four and still play to keep my brain balanced. My favorite personal trip was riding my motorcycle around Lake Superior with a great friend. I love technology and digital cameras, but find myself shooting with pinhole and plastic cameras in my spare time. I’m drawn to learning about how people feel and think. I love the honesty that comes with photographing children. I love the depth that comes with photographing seniors. I’d like to renovate an old railroad caboose and use it as an office. My husband helps me remember what is important. My kids keep me inspired.

Environment: I shoot on location. My studio office/production space is located in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis.

Philosophy: Be compassionate.